TransRobotRoll TRR

A good management of the storage can improve your productivity. High bay storage is for you if you have  minimum of space but high ceilings.

The possibility of holding fully rolls ready in an automatic store permits new concepts in printshop planning

TransRobotRoll Tageslager


The day-store with Transrobotroll for the handling of fully prepared rolls offers great benefits for a rational, cost-effective and flexible production. Unpacking and preparing of the rolls takes place in the day-shift and the rolls stand ready on-call for the night production in a high-bay store directly adjacent to the reelstand.


The fully prepared rolls are transferred from the preparation area to the high-bay store. The "Transrobotroll" store vehicle receives the rolls carefully with the specially shaped telescopic forks. The allocation of the rolls to the storage locations takes place through the RoAd "Roll Management System", which also keeps track of all roll data right up to the reelstand. The system is also suitable for retrieving return rolls, part-used rolls and also part-used rolls on cradles from the printing press and holding them ready on-call in the intermediate storage for the next production.