Extended solutions for various industries

Thanks to long years of experience, Witech can boast a great competence in manufacturing handling equipment for heavy reel material. More than 500 standardised and customised Witech reel turners of different types and sizes are in operation all over the world in the following sectors:

Efficient development of special equipment made upon customer’s demand
In most cases, our standardised reel turners can be ordered as stand-alone equipment from the catalogue due to specified reel dimensions and in the framework of a specific application and commissioned without requiring major constructional conversion whereas customer-specific equipment is developed from modular kit elements.

The widely systematic and modular construction of standardised reel turners and the use of cutting-edge CAD workstations allows us to develop customised special equipment at reasonable expense.

More complex turners can result when these must be integrated in existing internal material flows or logistics procedures. Typical extensions of such equipment are pallet clamps or reel ejectors, but also integrated weighing systems or fully automatic equipment controllers. Reel turners are often engineered as mobile units.