MoveRoll zero Energy receiver

The MoveRoll zero energy receiver is used to receive the roll into the slat, chain or belt conveyor, or any other application in which the roll need to be stopped. Equipped with special roll-handling cushions, the zero energy receiver stops the roll gently without damaging the roll quality.
Receiving is controlled by flexible stop element which is actuated by special material. The zero energy receiver can receive one roll at a time and does not require any energy source ( * patented method)

Technical Data

Total receiver length:  

1500 - 9000 mm (in units of 750 mm:  1500 - 2250 - 3000 - 3750 - … - 9000 mm)

Receiver width:                     

705  mm

Receiver height:                                

333  mm

Receiver weight:                   

100 - 500  kg

Supplied as complete unit (MRZ including steel frame) or cushioners only (MRZ-C)