The EcoTrans is a reel handling and transport system which provides a highly flexible and efficient means of transporting reels to and from temporary storage locations. The design of the system is based around a main frame which is driven along a set of parallel rails. The frame is equipped with an extendable reel cradle which allow the reels to be picked up or set down on either side of the main frame. Note that the reels can be stored only on a single level and depth layout. During the transport of the reels, the reel cradle is retracted within the main frame. The rails are installed flush with the floor level which provides for ease of circulation for other equipment commonly used in your facility. The conception of the system avoids the need to provide for an expensive trench for the installation of the rails. The electrical control is integrated onboard the vehicle and power is supplied by means of a steered cable drum where the trailing cable is protected in a recessed canal. The real time data transmission is realised by means of an infrared data transfer system.

Automatisiertes Zwischenlager


The EcoTrans is fitted with anticollision laser scanners on the front and rear to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Functional description

The EcoTrans transports unpacked and prepared reels from the reel preparation area and stores them in temporary storage locations which have been pre-assigned by the reel management system. When the production request's a reel change, the Ecotrans selects an appropriate reel from the storage location and transfers it to the unwinder's reel loading device. Reels with a minimum diameter of 650mm can be transported directly with the Ecotrans. Reels with a diameter less then 650mm are transported on a support cradle.