Reel loading & transfer stations

TP30-08 to MecaRoll

This transfer station reloads reels from apron conveyor to MecaRoll and vice-versa.



Transfer Cart CT-TP95/08-P

The moving trolley is employed as a repositioning device between different plate conveyors. If a new roll is stored in the system the moving trolley also performs the centrering of the roll.

The moving trolley comprises a steel frame with running rollers plus a slat conveyor with 950mm wide cast pallets.
The trolley runs on a track which also contains the necessary end-stopper. The power is supplied via a cable drag chain. Depending on the installation location the trolley is also fitted with contact rails or laser scanners for safety purposes.

Photocells and detectors are installed for the accurate positioning of the trolley at the receiving ortransfer points and to safeguard the enabling for cross-transport

Lorry Off-Loading TU-A

The truck unloader comprises the conveyor belt on the truck loading platform, the adaptor platform and the lowering platform, both fitted with plate conveyors. The system can unload 18 rolls of paper in 12 minutes.

Automatic Lorry Off-Loading

Unloading operation

The truck docks against the unloader. This is set to the height of the truck platform by a manual controller. The automatic unloading can then commence.
The transport system incorporated into the truck platform is controlled via the conveyor and brings the standing rolls out of the truck. The rolls are received by the unloader, singled, lowered to the height of the conveyor and transferred for onward transport to the paper store.

Lifting and Aligning station E, EA

Together with the function of aligning the lifted paper rolls, this station also permits the changing
of roll trolleys. This can be necessary in a long conveying section in order to achieve shorter
return sections and hence also higher conveying capacities.

Lifting and Aligning station

The pneumatically actuated lifting station can be integrated at any point in a MecaRoll section. In the lower position the 2 support rollers are recessed level with the floor. 2 pneumatic cylinders lift the support rollers with the paper roll synchronously from the roll trolley. The freed roll trolley returns to its loading position. Meanwhile the new roll trolley coming from the opposite side fetches the lifted paper roll. The available roll is loaded on to the new roll trolley by a careful lowering action.

The station is also suitable for the transfer of fully prepared rolls.

Loader DC3-140

Loader with pneumatic control

The pneumatically actuated loader has proved a reliable solution for loading paper rolls from the floor on to a roll trolley. The paper rolls delivered by the operator or a push-off device are rolled on to the loading platform where they are stopped by means of the built-in roller. Rolling back on the other hand is prevented by the return barrier so that the roll remains standing on the loading platform. If there is an empty trolley in the load position the operator can raise the platform by means of a pneumatic foot-switch. In the raised position the roll rolls independently on to the trolley due to the slightly inclined platform.