MoveRoll Braking Pad

The MoveRoll Braking Pad is an innovative roll speed reducing solution. It can be used to reduce rolls´ speed, to stop them completely or to minimize roll bouncing in order to shorten settling time significantly. Unique design and soft materials ensure gentle contact with the roll and no damages are incurred on the roll material. MoveRoll Braking Pad is an easy way to increase occupational and roll safety. It can be used in various roll handling applications.

Braking is controlled by combination of special soft material and air that exhausts out of the Braking Pad as the roll passes over it. The air then partially exhausts from the front edge of the pads and partially compresses against the back side of it. This created trapped pressure is used to brake or stop the roll.


  • Increased safety on rolling decks
  • Good braking power without roll damages
  • Easy to install and relocate
  • Reduces settling time in transferring slat conveyors

Mounting Options

Braking Pad can easily be placed on rolling surfaces or existing applications with or without fixing:

  • Free standing on flat surfaces
  • Magnetic fixing on metal surfaces
  • Adhesive fixing on nonmetallic surfaces

Technical Data

Total Pad Length: 1500 - 6000  mm (in units of 750 mm:  1500 - 2250 - 3000 - 3750 - … - 6000 mm)
Pad width: 240 mm
Pad height: 52 mm
Pad weight: 2 kg/m