Unsere Philosophie

At the early beginning and for more than 25 years, WITECH was manufacturing and selling WINDING TECHNOLOGY equipment's. Some years ago, this sector has been restructured and has become the REEL HANDLING market segment. The extended reel handling logistic business area has of course, significantly profited from long years of core competence in the winding technology.

As a result, we nowadays provide with state-of-the-art equipment for the whole reel-processing industry:

  • Factories producing paper, corrugated or tissue material
  • Foil producing industry
  • Corrugated cardboard manufacturers
  • Reel processing industry (printing industry, label manufacturer, bookbinders, etc…)  
  • Newspapers printers
  • Various industries (cable, wire, food, film, etc…)

A few years ago and for an even better customer service, we concluded an exciting partnership with VR HANDLING, member of VonRoll INFRATEC group.