Reel Turners

The well-known WITECH reel turners represent one development focus. Briefly explained, the reel turner is used in reel-processing industries to turn reels or complete reel stacks (paper, foils or other material wound on reels) from an upright, vertical position (the usual storage position in the reel warehouse) into a horizontal position for machine loading – and vice versa, of course! The appropriate Witech equipment portfolio distinguishes itself from that of other suppliers by the broad range of turner types and sizes.

Reel turners basically differ with regard to

  • reel dimensions (diameter, length/width, weight) and pallet dimensions
  • how the equipment is loaded/unloaded, which widely depends on the surrounding transport logistics (pallet transport, trolley, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, etc.)
  • the turning versions (left/right variant) in line with local conditions

No constructional conversions are required except for the ERW type. The system reel turners are fastened to the floor with anchor bolts. The equipment features all safety elements necessary for safe operation such as photocells, switch-off bars, etc.. Some reel turner types can be additionally equipped with lifting platforms for pallet centring or reel positioning, trough rollers for stack separation, integrated balance, radio control for fork-lift driver operation, etc..

We offer the following standardised sizes for all reel turner types

Technical Data Typ-I Typ-II Typ-III
Max. reel diameter [mm] 1300 oder 1500
Max. reel / stack height [mm] 1200 1600 2000
Max. reel / stack weight [kg] 1200 1600 2000
Pallet dimensions [mm] 700 x 700 - 1200 x 1200
Electrical connection / wattage 380-400 V / 50 Hz / 1.5 oder 2.2 kW


System reel turner for turning from pallet to pallet. This turner is available for 4 different turning/loading variants (left/right - front/lateral)



System reel turner for turning from pallets onto prism-shaped transport troughs or trolleys. This turner is available in 3 different turning/loading variants (left/right - front/lateral)



Turning from pallet to fixed trough (invariable height). For loading and unloading with special trolley.
This turner is available for 4 different turning/loading variants (left/right - front/lateral)



Reel loading and unloading with fork-lift truck on prism-shaped trough and turning to pallets.
2 turning variants (left / right).