Reel Kicker

Type EJS

The push-off device carries out the targeted push-off of the rolls from the conveyor system.

The pneumatically actuated push-off device is used to achieve a push-off of the rolls from conveying systems (apron conveyors or MecaRoll) at particular addresses. A roll is automatically pushed-off from the conveying system in a line or centrally. The push-off takes place by means of a lever arm and a steel roller which permit the sideways movement of the transported roll by means of a spring and hence guarantee a gentle action. The solid housing contains the pneumatic cylinder, the solenoid valves and the compressed air unit. The push-off lever is guarded at the side by sheet metal cladding over its entire stroke to eliminate trapping and crushing locations. The push-off area is monitored by a contact rail and pushing-off is stopped when the line is full.

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Type MoveRoll Kicker

MoveRoll® pneumatic Kicker is developed to push the roll horizontally and roll it to the next conveying device. MoveRoll® Kicker can be easily installed as new application or to replace the existing traditional kickers. The unique design with sliding rails makes it possible to have a compact size kicker with a power which can kick rolls up to 4.5 tons. Depending on the application MoveRoll kicker can reduce energy consumption up to 75% compared to the traditional applications

Technical Data  
Min. roll diameter: 600 mm
Max. roll diameter: 1600 mm
Max. roll weight: 4500 kg
Control voltage: 24 V DC
Air supply: 4 bar