Buttroll - Robot CR-R

Cores and part-used rolls weighing from 30 kg to 500 kg occur on rotogravure presses. As a result of the automatic roll loading, the cores also have to be automatically removed. This takes place either directly from the reelstand arm or from the core supports on the transfer stage.

Restrollenentferner mit Monorail Greifer

Part-Used Rolls Remover with Monorail Gripper

For the removal of the cores, the core gripper either runs from the side by means of a monorail, directly in the axis of the reelstand arms or to the core supports of the transfer stage and automatically grips the core. This is lifted, removed from the reelstand zone and placed in a core basket. As an option a weighing scale can be incorporated in order to check the core and part-used roll weight. The entire range of movement is protected by a mesh barrier.