Rubbish recycling plant

Project summary

Disposal of ingrade waste materials in containers (plastic, cardboard, PET or rubbish in pallet cages) in balers and sanitary vans with portal robot (line portal); pallet cage folding, stacking, strapping and discharging of containers from the robot cell.

Abfall - Recyclinganlage MIGROS

Line components

  • Container loading: Waste in pallet cages
  • Unstacker for double-stack containers
  • Container takeover, separation of cage and pallet and emptying with synchronously operating robot grippers
  • Emptying by grades (e.g. cardboard, plastic, PET, rubbish)
  • Unstacking of pallet and folding/depositing of cage
  • Strapping of cage stacks and discharging of cage and pallet stacks

Technical Data

Robot type Gantry robot
Line size / robot cell Y 26.5 m / Z 2.6 m
Max. container weight 250 kg
Capacity 120 Container / h

Base material: Waste

Recycling robot units

Final product: container stack

Container loading / unstacking

Stack strapping machine and discharge

Operating cell of the portal robot (gantry robot)