Apron Conveyor TP30-08

Apron conveyors are high-capacity conveyors for transporting large quantities of paper rolls in a lying position, suitable for floor-level installation in hall floors.

For the transport and the buffer storage of paper rolls in a horizontal position. The chassis is in the form of a closed trough which can be cast into the foundation pit. The V-shaped cast steel pallets form an endless chain which can be crossed by industrial trucks and therefore presents no obstacle in printing or storage halls. Conveyor units can be created by means of several sections depending on the transport distance. Each section is provided with its own drive and tensioning station. These are equipped with covers for easy access for maintenance purposes. Thanks to the short link length, transitions can be constructed compactly and safely. The tensioning station with elastomer elements ensures optimal and practically maintenance free operation of the conveyor.

Section length max. 24 m
Speed 0.184 m/s