Maintenance & Services

After-Sales Service

Our philosophy is to follow our customers on each step, this also means to provide you with a proven after-sales service. Should you have any question or dysfunction, our team will be happy to help you.

Your installation was designed to perform for many years and remain an efficient low cost operation. We offer you standard option packages for your controllers, system hardware, maintenance and support.

You bought the strongest reel handling system in the world, prolong your investment and keep it as its peak performance levels !

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Retrofitting option:

Replace your obsolete control system by the latest PLC generation

Replacement of the operator panel Update of the system schematic

Centralized fault management option:

Additional touchscreen with centralization of the alarm function Even and Fault logging

Automatic mail or SMS sending

Drive option:

Replacement of the original drive with the latest generation  

Maintenance option:

Mechanical and electrical audit of your system Normal service of the equipment Report of the status of the equipment

Report of recommended action and list of spare parts needed

Support option:

24/7 Support, with remote connection by a technician to help you with in production emergencies

Spare parts

We can of course provide you with spare parts upon request. Our experience has also shown that the best solution for a quick restart of your installation is to put aside key spare parts.

Please note we can provide with all Witech, vonRoll, Valmet, Metso, vR Systems and vR handling spare parts.